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We are Dark Pixel Studio and this is a Demo of our under development game. 

Intercut is a 2D pixel art game made in the Unreal Engine 4, the theme is horror and takes place in USA, with our characters going to a Spring Break party. But they choosea horrible day to celebrate, One Friday 13. Suddenly in the middle of the road, the vehicle stops working, and they'll have to find a way out of their terrible place.

Intercut will be released on PC, with five chapters and it is still under development.
Download only includes chapter 1.

Current Version: 1.0.2


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Intercut - Demo v1.0.2 71 MB

Development log


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Nice demo thus far. Really enjoyed the art style, but would agree with some of the pointers raised by TheAdaVerse, mainly with the looped sound effect and the text legibility. Otherwise neat so far and I'd also be interested in seeing where you take this. 


Thank you for Mister for your feedback.

We are currently finishing the 1st chapter and we are definitely working on the fixes raised so far!



Hello Mister!

We have updated many arts and points that you and TheAdaVerse has raised, if you could play again, we will be glad to hear your review !

Your comment is very important for us.

Hi, I've played it through again!

First things first, really nice job! It's clear you've put in a load work since the last build and it certainly does show. This version was clearly much improved and since I already enjoyed the original that was great to see. You effectively built tension and created a very unsettling atmosphere, it reminded me in a lot of ways of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And the 1988 film Scarecrows, at least for the first section. I am a sucker for attentions to detail and it was obvious you'd made a lot of effort in this department. The cornfields rustling, the swing swinging, all the little things like that were just great. I loved the thunder storm and rain effects too. There was also a lot more going on in this demo and it definitely left me eager to see more by the end of the chapter. 

Few little spelling errors I noticed;

> During the intro cutscene, 'strech' should be 'stretch'.

> When finding the schoolbus, 'It still warm' would be 'It is/it's still warm'.

> In the bloody building, when interacting with the two photos/portraits the dialogue is 'Why is everything is covered in blood' , the second is needs removing. 

My only little issue, and this is a matter of personal preference more than anything else, is that the time that interaction dialogues are displayed is slightly too long. I guess this all depends on reading speed, but it would be nice if after interacting with something, pressing interact again would skip/cancel the dialogue. The only place this really became a niggle for me was that I like to interact with (absolutely) everything, and some of the windows had the same dialogue so I was just sort of waiting for a second or two. Like I say this is a really small and personal issue, haha.

Overall, this is a vast improvement and really awesome to see. A lot of projects on this and similar sites have tons of potential only to be abandoned a year or even a month or two after appearing and its a real shame, so it is great to see this project still going strong and with such improvement too. Really nice job to the team. Sorry for the essay length post, haha. 


Nice, although I think it could've offered more as a demo even if it was a tiny bit of tension towards the end to make the player want to come back and figure out what the heck is going on. But, past that, it was enjoyable overall.

The pros? The art style. I am a sucker for games like this and the image previews were what caught my attention in the first place. Plus, the little shadow details were nice. The actions were also smooth; the jumps were no problem at all and none of the other mechanics gave me issues.

The cons? Nothing that I could see as actual factors in the game because it ran smoothly like I mentioned. Anything I say would be about the demo itself (my biggest gripe is a lack of tension after the first spooks; no 'hook' at the end to make you want to come back and zero hint of an exposition, so it seems totally like 'random guy has a bus break down').

The things I didn't like weren't technical. They were aesthetic. Mostly the wind in the background. It was really distracting and seemed to have a noticeable loop beginning and end. I could finish the demo, but I can't imagine dealing with that sound in my ears for an entire game. Also, the font was hard to read. The light gray and lighter gray text (or white?) was tricky. I recommend a darker text background!

Am I gonna wait for updates? Definitely. Even though I would've liked a smidge of background (in the game itself, not just the game description), I liked it. It was a hint at  the look of it, what the controls would be like, and what you can expect.

Thank you for the feedback and support.

We will surely work on the topics that you raised to better the game and the game experience.

We are very glad that you enjoyed!

Hello TheAdaVerse!

Your review was so much helpful to us, that we done many changes on the game.
The Demo version is now available, if you could play it, we'll be very happy to hear your comments.

Your review is important to make Intercut better !

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Just a short first look at Intercut. If you like what you see, consider giving the devs a shout out and follow their game.

Hey Whit30

Thank you for the support, we are working on fixing those bugs and finishing the 1st chapter.

No problem. If, you want me to do an update video on it let me know.

Hello Whit!

We've updated Intercut from Beta to the demo version!
If you could download it and comment the game, we'll be glad to check it out !

Your review is very important for us. ☺

Alright, finally got off my lazy butt and did a recording of the newest (1.0.2). I'll have it uploaded and posted here sometime. I had a couple issues with some of the controller keys not working and the bat disappearing when you pull out the flashlight.  I didn't fully test it with just the keyboard though, so it might just be issues only with using a controller.